Why am I not losing weight

Reasons Why Our Weight is Not Lowered After Running Diet Program

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Why am i not losing weight yet? Some of us might have that question in mind right now. This could happen even though we have done so many efforts. How come? Well, there are many reasons behind it. We have mention a few of them below. Check them out. Who knows one of them is the cause of your weight loss failure.

Adaptive Thermogenesis

When we do a diet, we certainly do a reduction in calories. This act actually cause our metabolism to adjust the condition. It is known as adaptive thermogenesis. In other words, it is our survival mode. Our body has a system that will help us whenever we are lack of food. It is good for those who are surviving in jungle, desert, or ocean. In contrast, it is a bad news to people who are in attempts of losing weight. Our body will see this diet efforts as we are in food deficiency crisis. If this system is activated, it will be a tough job for us to reduce our heft amount.

Hormone Factors

Hormone can be the reason why we are not losing weight yet. In this case, there are two hormones which could be the trigger of the issue. Those are leptin and ghrelin hormones.

  1. Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by adipose tissues. It is also produced in stomach, plasenta, and heart. One of the function of this hormone is to send a certain signal toward the brain. This signal refers to our body has taken enough food. Moreover, it helps us in suppressing our appetite as well. By that, we can avoid over consumption. However, that is when it is in normal condition. If it does not work well as it supposed to, it cannot send the signal. Consequently, our body will not know that we are actually already in full condition. If it happens, we will feel hungry and eat more and more foods. The malfunction of leptin hormone is the cause why people fail on their diet.

  2. Ghrelin is a hormone that is produced in stomach. Its main function is sending a signal to our brain that we are full already. This hormone is increasing before we eat and decreasing after eating. If its level is too high, our appetite will be difficult to control. As a result, we will be still eating even though our hunger has been satisfied.

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors can be the reason of our diet failure too. In this case, feeling of stress and depression may cause that issue. Some people release this feeling by eating food as much as they like. If this factor is not solved yet, our weight loss efforts will not work at all.


It is useless to do weight loss attempts if we do not change our lifestyle. We cannot lose our weight if we are too lazy to do workouts. Similar with eating habit, it is no use if we still consume unhealthy stuff like fast foods, soda, alcohol, etc. Furthermore, it is even worse if our diet program keeps being on and off over and over. That kind of dietary will ruin our weight. The number of it will be up and down, and that is not healthy for us. Among of all factors here, this could be the right answer for question, “Why am I not losing weight?”