Fasting to lose weight

How to Apply Fasting Method to Lose Weight Naturally

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Is it possible to do fasting to lose weight? We definitely have to answer yes for that. When people try to lose their heft, they will conduct several dieatry program. If you ask us, the most natural program for that intention is by fasting. Fasting refers to an act where we do not eat or even drink for a period of time. Mnay experts have approved it to be a healthy way of reducing weight. If you want to do it, you may follow Muslim’s fasting tradition. Usually, they eat two times a day. One is at dawn, and another is at evening. Between those two times, we are not allowed to consume anything. Here are some tips on doing it well.

Do Not Consume Carbohydrate Excessively

Since we cannot eat or drink on a certain time period, we might feel tired or limp during the day. So, we need something that can boost our energy. Foods with carb might come across our mind. Carbohydrate is, indeed, the source of our energy. Nevertheless, there is no need to consume it way too much. Once we have adapted to this diet, there will be a reserve of energy to use. Furthermore, try to consume healthy carb. That can be found in foods like red rice or oatmeal.

Prioritize to Drink Water Before Eating

The most common problem during fasting is probably the thirst. Most people is still able to handle their hunger. Yet, it is the thirst that makes them really struggling. It is not surprising since our body might lose a certain amount of water. As a result, we will feel dehydrated. Hence, it is better to start with drinking water first before eating. It will keep us to stay hydrated. This is valid for both dawn and evening. Not to mention, it helps us a lot in our weight loss attempt. Drinking one or two full glasses of water before eating can suppress our appetite. By that, we will not eat too much food later.

Avoid Sugary Meals

In the evening, after not eating a for hours, some of us might have a will to eat sweets. We certainbly do not recommend that. Some foods or beverages have a high level of sugar. It could increase our blood sugar level, and that is not good for diet. If you really need something sweet, we suggest you to eat date. The sugar level of this fruit may be high too. However, our body takes some times to digest it. Therefore, it is really safe to consume during dietary.

Do Not Over Eating

Just because we are so hungry, it does not mean we can eat as much as we want. If that happens, this fasting diet will be ruined. Instead of losing weight, its number will be rocketing. So, like ordinary diet, we have to control the portion in a very good balance.

Keep Doing Exercises

Although we are fasting, there is no excuses to miss workouts. To get a better result, we must do some physical exercises. No need to do the heavy ones. Medium workouts like jogging, fast walking, or cardio exercises are good enough already.

Those are our simple tips you can follow to do fasting. We might be struggling a bit in the beginning. But, it will become easier if we have adapated to it. Moreover, the result will be worth for our hard work. Well, what are you waiting for? You may start your fasting to lose weight now.